By Dr. David Bearman (California)




David Bearman, MD


Finally in the early 21st century, medicinal cannabis is being rediscovered by physicians

and patients alike. This paper discusses the current state of medicinal marijuana in the U.S. We’ll

look at contemporary medicinal use in the context of the 5000-year history of the therapeutic use

of cannabis. This includes cannabis use in ancient times, in patent medicines, its use in the early

20th century, and assess the modern medicinal cannabis research that started in 1949. The

paper will cover the current legal status of medicinal cannabis, recent research, the role of the

FDA, physician practice standards, medical indications, and mechanisms of action.


We stand at the dawn of a new era for medicinal cannabis. Since 1964, when Dr.

Raphael Mechulam, of Jerusalem University, isolated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) we have

learned more about the marvels of the brain’s neurochemistry. There has developed a greater

understanding of the role of serotonin in depression and we have had the discovery of

endorphins, the naturally-occurring opiates, and the endocannabinoid system. In 1992, Professor

Mechulam described the endocannabinoid system. He characterized the endogenous

cannabinoid receptors and the endogenous cannabinoids that bind to these receptors.

We have crossed the threshold into exciting cannabis-related treatments for many

conditions and symptoms. Cannabis gives relief from chronic pain which arises from a myriad of

pain-producing illnesses; cannabis provides both analgesia and anti-inflammatory relief for

autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, complex sympathetic dystrophy,

and restless leg syndrome; and assists many with mental health problems, including attention

deficit disorder (ADD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and obsessive

compulsive disorder (OCD) – to name but a few conditions which have been shown to benefit

from cannabis and cannabinods.

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Misty Richard
Posts: 3
dysautonomia and medicinal marijuana
Reply #3 on : Sat March 29, 2014, 06:59:44
Medicinal marijuana is considered a treatment option for dysautonomia. I have severe autonkic system failure which includes my heart, kidneys etc. I use cannabis for the pain and it helps in numerous ways. It relaxed my heartbeat, rekeves pain, stops the restless limb syndrome etc.

Smoking marijuana raises blood pressure so it is good for people with pots where their blood pressure is low. Stay away from the sativas and look more for the indica strains. Look up dysautonomia and studies being done by mayo clinic. Good luck.
Bobbie Scott
Posts: 3
medical marijuana for treatment of dysautonomia
Reply #2 on : Thu January 16, 2014, 20:10:21
I have a friend whose daughter (in mid thirties) has dysautonomia. She is currently in the hospital for treatment of pain and has been there for over a month. She was and is essentially bedbound and tube fed but very much alert and cognitively aware. Do you know if there has been any use of medical marijuana for treatment of dysautonomia?
Posts: 3
An abstract of an article by Dr. Bearman
Reply #1 on : Tue December 03, 2013, 18:03:10
I agree whole heartedly with your article.I hope we have more Drs. like you.I suffer from severe lower back pain and arthritis in my neck and shoulder.The Drs. performed surgery on my back in '93 and now it's gone back to the way it was.I'm licensed in the state of Michigan to use cannabis for the pain.Thank you for the article.


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Finally in the early 21st century, medicinal cannabis is being rediscovered by physicians and patients alike.

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